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One of the things that really offended me about Teen Titans Go (along with the sexism and disregard for how the characters have been portrayed before) was the fact that they completely destroyed Robin’s personality.

Robin is witty and awkward often but one of his main personality traits was the…

Not getting the sexism complaint. As for Robin,  they didn’t want 2 straight men (Raven is usually the go to straight man in TTG), so they decided to make humor and a personality out of things such as him being the only “power-less” character in the Titans and generally being a self-proclaimed leader with an inferiority complex. I wish he had more of his TT personality, but I can accept this Robin.

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Modern day Tom and Jerry. Where Jerry will fall in love with Tom and spend 11 minutes trying to seduce him like he’s a Looney Tune skunk.

We’ve come a long way.

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Listen/purchase: Freedom Planet Official Soundtrack by Woofle and Strife feat. BlueWarrior and Dawn

Why can’t this game be more popular?

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Friendly reminder that almost all characters in Freedom Planet are underage.

Depends on where you live. In the US or Canada, it varies from only Spade being of age to Spade and Torque being the only ones. In Europe, it can go as low as 14, which will bring Lilac into the mold. And in Mexico and places further south, it can go as low as 12, leaving Milla as the only one below the age of consent. 

It ultimately doesn’t matter though. They are all fictional and fans see the characters before whatever age group they are supposed to fall under. And fans who really do care, but still want to write/draw smut will just age them up. After all, look at Sonic.

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On Saturdays, Space Dandy normally brings me joy.
 Not this Saturday though. And I’m not simply talking about the pic. The episode was a heart crush too.

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Kid Icarus Has 3 Games


One of them obscure. Yet the series gets 3 representatives.
Meanwhile, a certain beloved series (also with 3 games) sees one of his characters possibly chopped from the roster.

Also remember when Sakurai said this game would be all about unique characters instead of clones? Yeah, that’s why we got Lucina, Dr. Mario and Dark Pit.

Yet my favorite character of all time in Smash will never return. Poor Pichu…

I don’t actually recall when Sakurai said anything concerning clones and this game.

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can’t they just give us the true sequel to this show instead of this shit. i mean the only people that actually like it better than the original have either never seen the original or they are little kids.

It’s been almost 7-8 years since the original show ended. And what does it matter? While the designs and voices returned as a somewhat misguided attempt to get old fans to watch, the show is ultimately trying to get a new audience.

Also, under the last president of Cartoon Network, a more serious Teen Titans show probably wouldn’t last a season. Dunno how the new president feels.

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Teen Titans Go! 02x08 - Salty Codgers

What the HELL is this shit!?!? Where’s my Teen Titans, with mature story lines and complex characters that aren’t cookie cutter copies of every cartoon popular with small children!?!?!

Dead in the ground. IDK why you would expect TTG to be anything more than this half way into its 2nd season.

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I’m really worried about Mighty No. 9. It doesn’t look great. It’s too busy, They’re trying too hard to differentiate it from Mega Man.

People still love Megaman! Just give us Megaman!

It’s pretty Megaman as is though.

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assassinroid and one of the new characters in mgq paradox seem pretty similar don’t they??? like design wise, they’re extremely similar to each other, even down to clothing. just saying

Both share the same artist (Xelvy). And unlike alot of his girls that look like this, these 2 don’t have monstrous faces of some kind (see Lamiaroid or Bug Chimera).  Not too surprising they look alike.

Hoping Xelvy doesn’t do some weird stuff with her. Sonia is supposed to be Luka’s childhood friend who was born from Karen (a friend of Marcellus (Luka’s dad) and Lazarus who in the normal universe, got killed by a young Alice)and some guy not even important enough to name.

I’m not even talking about artist. I mean that I think Sonia might have become Assassinroid. Maybe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. MGQ does weird stuff anyway. Some of the angels are outright frightening, and they’re supposed to be sexy? Yikes. Sonia becoming Assassinroid would be mild.

Impossible. Sonia’s existence is due to the timeline change of Alice not going on a rampage after her mom is killed by Marcellus and friends. She’s the daughter of Karen who in the normal timeline gets brutally murdered by Alice. With Karen dead in the main timeline without giving birth to any kids, Sonia doesn’t exist. So she can’t be Assassinroid.

I guess she could become a new Assassinroid if Promestein played around with her a bit, but we don’t even know if chimeras will be in Paradox. After all, Promestein is a potential party member.